Skin Care Collection:

Our creams penetrate the epidermal layer and moisturize the dermal layer of the skin. A rich soothing formula of hempseed oil combined with other seed oils and butters, with added Vitamin E, combine to leave your skin feeling softer and silkier

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Vitamin E Cream(click to view)
This lightly textured, gentle body cream is especially formulated for sensitive and combination skin and contains hempseed oil with other beneficial oils, butters, essential oils and Natural Vitamin E.

Specialty Creams:(click to view)
These creams are made with rich and healing oils and butters, extracts, floral waters, with added emu oil and essential oils.

Foot Cream with Silk Protein
(click to view)
This is an extra strength cream formulated to alleviate dry, itchy skin on feet, control odor and aid in the healing of athletes foot.
Liquid silk is added to help make the skin feel soft and silky to the touch.

Hand & Body Lotion(click to view)
A rich moisturizing lotion that absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky. Contains shea butter, essential oils and Vitamin E.

Lotion Bars(click to view)
A solid lotion, great for the purse or pocket. A nourishing blend of seed oils, butters and Vitamin E as well as essential oils.

Herbal Facial Cleanser(click to view)
Contains a wonderful blend of special herbs, flowers, vitamins, essential oils along with powdered hemp seed. Leaves skin feeling really clean and fresh. A great alternative to soaps and gritty cleansers.

Rehydrating Mists (click to view)
A refreshing spray mist for use anytime, anywhere! Great for the skin, uplifts the spirit!

Ointments(click to view)
"Muscle Treat"///
"Green Thumb" Our ointments are loaded with healing waxes, butters and oils and contain a synergistic blend of
essential oils.

Lip Balm(click to view): The smoothest, creamiest, richest lip balm on the market today, is great for chapped lips and cold
sores. A dozen flavors plus a "natural", no scent.

Aloe/Seaweed Gels:(click to view)Great for everything from insect bites to athletes foot! Kids love it, it's so cool and

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