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Specialty Creams

Twin Essence
with Retinol,, This fine facial Cream is made with hempseed oil combined with other oils including emu, rosehip and calendula as well as shea butter and rosewater. Added Vitamin A along with Vitamin E combine to make this a great night Cream and eye Cream.
Omega creme .Our omega crème is fast becoming well known around the world for it's healing properties. It has been developed for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis, however more and more happy customers are telling us of the many other uses they have found for this incredible Cream! It contains hempseed oil, combined with emu, avocado and evening primrose and a specially formulated oil infused with 18 different herbs and flowers. Also contains a healing formula blend of essential oils.

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   Twin Essence with Retinol...2oz jar..$17.00                     Omega Cream...2 oz jar..$17.00        

   Twin Essence with Retinol......4 oz jar..$30.00             Omega Cream...4 oz jar..$30.00