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  Solid Stick Lotion Bars:

.A lotion bar is such a nice treat to the skin. Use the convenient and clean applicator container to apply a thin layer of healing lotion to trouble spots. Great for the purse or pocket!
Cracked Skin Lotion Bar: A healing blend of oils and butters including hempseed and unrefined avocado oil are blended with an essential oil formula for the treatment of cracked, dry skin. Apply to problem areas each day or as needed.
Bite Balm and Repellent: This bite balm has been becoming increasingly popular all over the globe in the treatment of insect bites as well as a good repellent. Customers have applauded the way in which this balm seems to make the bite not only less itchy, but in fact disappear after a very short time. Works wonders for mosquito, black fly and horse fly bites. Just rub on to the bite regularly for a few days and watch the amazing results!

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Cracked Skin
Lotion Bar.......$7.00
Insect Lotion Bar................$7.00